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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are the plants guaranteed?
  • Yes, Just Plant Designers guarantees all the plants┬áthat we install and maintain.
  • How often do the technicians make maintenance visits?
  • Our technicians visit on a 7-10 day basis as needed to water, clean, and prune your plants.
  • Will I have the same technician each visit?
  • Just Plant Designers is family owned and operated you will see one of the owners each visit.
  • What type and sizes of plants are used?
  • We use only the highest quality plants and containers. The type and size will vary depending on available space, lighting, and desired decor.
  • What if we have existing plants?
  • Our guaranteed maintenance program includes maintenance for your existing plants.
  • What if any plants need to be replaced?
  • Once under our program we will replace any plant that is in poor condition for free.
  • Are your rates competitive?
  • Our maintenance costs are on average 30-50% less than our competitors and you deal directly with the owners.